Haunted House

The Brook Community Club works hand in hand with a great local group of haunted enthusiasts to bring you a scare you will never forget!


The Brook Community Club works all year long to bring our local community fun and entertaining events. Five years ago, in 2010, BCC and a group of local volunteers decided to try it’s hand at a haunted house in which we now call The Fun House. We have had a very successful run and plan on continuing our scare tactics for many years to come. So here’s to a great year 5 and we hope to see you all there!

2014 Funhouse


Haunted_house_2014_3 Haunted_house_2014_2

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General Admission to the FUN HOUSE:
Regular: $5 per person
Discount: $1 off admission price with food pantry item

1. Do not touch the characters, they will not touch you!
Do not touch, hit, or kick the monsters, characters, or property of the Fun House. No touching of the property of the Fun House unless instructed to by a character or tour guide
2. Weapons of any sort are not allowed on the premises
For your safety and ours we do not allow any weapons on the property, this includes items that can be used as a makeshift weapon.
3. No Food OR Drinks are permitted inside the Fun House
4. No Smoking or Open Flame of any kind!
No Execptions!
5. No Refunds
All Sales are Final.
6. Be Afraid but have fun, safely!

On behalf of the entire staff of THE FUN HOUSE, we would like to THANK YOU in advance for following these simple rules which will allow THE FUN HOUSE to provide you with the best possible scare. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!