Conservation Club

Lake Kenoyer & Iroquois Conservation Club
Lake Kenoyer and the Iroquois Conservation Club are located South of Brook on Highway St. The Conservation Club cabin is available for rental through the town of Brook. The form can be found here.

The cabin has a full kitchen, restrooms and tables and chairs.

The current Lake Kenoyer was, at one time, only regarded as a small ice pond. When modern refrigeration techniques were developed, the land was purchased by Earnest Kenoyer for cattle grazing. The land was also used as a shooting range by the Brook Gun Club.

In 1944, the railroad ceased passing through Brook and the ties were purchased for the construction of a log cabin for the club (this cabin was torn down and replaced). In the 1960’s the land was purchased from Kenoyer by the Iroquois Conservation Gun Club (once the Brook Gun Club). The pond was dredged in the 1970’s. The former conservation club was torn down and a newer modern building was constructed.

Lake Kenoyer hosts a fish rodeo every summer and is a common fishing hole for locals.